Breaking the rules of art!


We focus on the emerging and upcoming artists’ arena and showcase cutting edge contemporary art within the LAE sphere.

Our slogan “Breaking the rules of art” is against the grain of the norm.  Today there are so many new and diverse ways of artistic expression that we asked the question of what the rules of art are and who is making them? We decided to follow our own path by pushing the boundaries and will break any supposedly rule of art that is prescribed to us.

Living Artist Emporium was established to develop emerging artists via a sustainable platform that provides materials, workspaces, events, exhibition outlets and resources. Lack of resources, guidance and artistic direction are all factors emerging artists are facing today. Living Artist Emporium (LAE) is addressing these challenges by supplying the necessary infrastructure, guidance and tools to enable emerging artists to create cutting edge contemporary art and build their careers.

With this platform LAE is creating new ground in the art industry by offering high quality contemporary art as an investment for the future and to make art accessible to all.

Today, Living Artists Emporium is a leading specialist in Emerging Contemporary Art.



It started in an old factory building in Doornfontein Johannesburg, that was the creative home base for our artists and playground for events with our Living Artist Emporium friends.


In 2013 we opened our first exhibition outlet at Arts on Main, Maboneng precinct.


In 2014 we moved our Headquarters to the Ellis Park Tennis Stadium, New Doornfontein.

A space to create art and to gather with our art loving friends for events LAE style...


In 2016 we open the LAE Gallery at 1 Fox Street Johannesburg.