Living Artist Emporium is pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground in the art industry by offering high quality contemporary art as an investment for the future.





This is home to our Artist Studios and Artist Creative Spaces


Corporate and Investment Art Service

Living Artists Emporium provides a service to enable companies to select a variety of art that best represents their corporate image, message, culture and budget.

We specialise in emerging contemporary art and have a wide selection of artworks available at the LAE Gallery.

Our artists can be commissioned to create a single piece, unique series or a site-specific work and this is an opportunity to invest in the early stages of their careers.   

Living Artists Emporium also source art from a wide network of upcoming and established artists to satisfy all your corporate art requirements.

Included in our offering is art rentals and high quality original contemporary art to new property developments, hotels, lodges, clinics and various other institutions.

Our services include on-site consultation, delivery and installations.