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Living Artist Emporium Launch
Group Exhibition by: Conrad Bo, Vincent Osemwegie, Simphiwe Mlangeni, Jemmiro & Vincent Mbeje







No More Monkey Business!
03-04-2014 to 27-04-2014
Exhibition by: DIEZEL



Facing Jozi
18-05-2014 to 05-06-2014


Things that Changed the world, and other Abstract ideas 

17-07-2015 to 20-08-2015

A Group Exhibition by:

Vincent Mbeje (The Superblur Art Movement)

Conrad Bo (The Superstroke Art Movement)

Diezel (The Superstroke Art Movement)

Jemmiro (The Superblur Art Movement)

Vincent Osemwegie (The Superblur Art Movement)

Ayanda Nkosi (The Superblur Art Movement)

Simphiwe Mlangeni (The Superblur Art Movement)

May Wentworth (The Superblur Art Movement)


This group exhibition by the Superstroke and Superblur Art Movement's explores things that changed the world and various other abstract ideas. It is a follow on to the exhibition : Things that changed the world. There is a slight shift to the more abstract, with the additional paintings that are added. Function becomes more prominent and the complexity of the works increase. In these subsequent works dynamism of the spiraling planes and the illusion of movement in static design are explored. Thin reeds of spiraling space is achieved by dripping enamel paint with precision and sometimes instinct to achieve the blurring effect that the Superblur Art Movement is now almost world famous for. This exhibition is in part also inspired by the book: In Pursuit of the Unknown,  17 Equations that Changed the World, by Ian Steward and of course 5 Equations that changed the world: The Power and Poetry of Mathematics by Michael Guillen. We have added and removed mathematical equations on some of the art that is exhibited, to show that good ideas can change the world as we know it and also a persons own world.

The final Matric results on some paintings in this exhibition, also show how a particular outcome of some events can forever have an impact on somebody's future.

These exhibitions follows on where the United States of Africa exhibitions ended. The Superstroke and Superblur Art Movements will still focus on African contemporary history and the origins of man, but there will be a continuation of the idea that it is important to remember one's past to make a better future. 


Rainbow Land
Exhibition by: DIEZEL


Art Week Joburg

Abstract Africa
Group Exhibition by: Conrad Bo, Vincent Osemwegie, Simphiwe Mlangeni, Jemmiro & Vincent Mbeje


Paintings So Complicated I Do Not Even Know What It All Means
02-10-2015 to 16-10-2015
Exhibition by: CONRAD BO


A World Without Numbers = A World Without Barcodes
Exhibition by: Ayanda Nkosi & Vincent Mbeje


Calculated Chaos & The Super Modern