Superstroke Pop Artist, Diezel was born on a farm in South Africa, lived and sculpted in Kenya and is now a resident of Australia where she works from a studio in Sydney.

She has painted since childhood and picked up her artist name at university.  She feels that growing up in Africa was a special privilege and fuelled a wild imagination. She has travelled extensively and feels particularly inspired by cultural societies, political issues and people’s belief systems.

Diezel admires the work of the Pop Artists of the Sixties, Jean-Michel Basquat and Lichtenstein and that influence can be seen in her work.  She uses animals as metaphors for humans and employs irony to provoke a deeper understanding of the complex world we live in.  The scribbles and and drippings in her work confronts the paradigm of social, political and cultural issues, with Africa often as the backdrop.

Besides a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Diploma in Marketing Management,  Diezel is also a qualified teacher.  She has a special passion for education and the children of Africa, and was the founder of 2 Pre-Schools and 2 Primary schools in Johannesburg.  She is still involved in all the schools and visits them a few times a year.  The highlight of her visit is usually when she paints with all the children in the gardens of the school.

Diezel’s paintings are created on large canvasses with techniques that give the works an industrial, pop art feel. Diezel’s works are highly acclaimed for originality, variation and quality.